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Author: Andy Nicholas

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From ->Andy Nicholas
Date ->08/09/87 22:59:37
Note: I take no responsibility for anything here not working for YOU.
I have tried these modifications on acos 1.3 with the apple //e
80-column driver. <DO> make a backup first, and <DO> think
before you act. – Andy

Acos Modifications:

(do this only if you are using the Apple //e 80 Column driver, I cannot
guarantee that it will work with any other driver. Try the //c 80-col
driver, that might…)

To get acos to simply display an unhighlighted bar at the top of the screen
when the user goes into chat, do the following:

CALL -151
B00:00 <return> <— Unhighlights the “[ Page: On ]”
B1C:AD <return> <— Ascii character for top line
<cntrl-C> <return>

More top-of-screen mods

(This should work with acos 1.2 and acos 1.3… I have tested it in 1.3)

]CALL -151
*<cntrl-C> <Return>

This mod disables the <cntrl-J> key which usually reveals the user’s
password. Why would you want to do this? Maybe you have some snoopy
friends… or, maybe you have a top of screen stats mod like this:

——————————-< cut here >———————————–

print #3,chr$(45,79)
print #3,”Call: “cn$” / “;
print #3,a3$” of “a4$”, “a5$” “;
print #3,”Phone: ” ph$
print #3,”TC: “right$(” “+str$(tc),5)” “;
print #3,”#UL: “right$(” “+str$(ul),5)” “;
print #3,”#DL: “right$(” “+str$(dl),5)” “;
print #3,”BU: “right$(” “+ul$,5)” “;
print #3,”BD: “right$(” “+dl$,5)” “;
print #3,”BP: “right$(” “+str$(bp),5)” / “;
print #3,”Baud: “info(2)*300
print #3,”Access: “;
for x=1 to 34:print #3,flag(x);:next
print #3,” Logon: “date$” “time$
print #3,chr$(45,79)\
poke 34,5:home

——————————< cut here >————————————-

That routine displays some of the user’s stats on 3 lines between 2 lines of
dashes (“—-“). The only problem, is that when you would press <cntrl>-J
it would mess up the top of the screen. This avoids all that.

– Andy
^^^ ps – put that inplace of all the “Print #9” stuff in the logon.seg