Midnight call counter fix

Author: Unknown

Bug at Midnight

I keep count of the number of calls per day and limit callers to 2 calls.
This info on number of calls is stored in nibble(2). I had a couple of
complaints from users that if they called just before midnight and then logged
off after midnight, then they did not have proper access that following day.

So I took a look at the code, and yes indeed, if you dial in prior to midnight
and terminate after midnight, then the calls per day count is from the
preceding day. So you are penalized for the following day, since nibble(2)
is not updated properly in this circumstance.

Here's the fix:
This is the coding in the Main segment --
 open #1,"b.users" etc, etc, etc
So put in this line following the above line
 if left$(cm$,8)><date$ then nibble(2)=0

That line will check to see if the logoff date is the same as the logon date,
and if not, will reset nibble(2) to zero.