E-Mail subject mod

Author : Mike Vaughan : Starlifter II in Altus
Here is my mod for the E-Mail Subject. Are you tired of receiving a reply
at which you have no idea what the individual is talking about. You asked
him a question 2 weeks ago, when he answers you; you forgot what the question

All changes are made to the “msg.seg.s” segment. You can either replace
each procedure with the ones below, or you can insert the changes that I
have made to each one.

 ready "e:mail"
 if info(6)<29 print \"Mail bit-map full":return
 print #msg(d),un:if h$<>"" print #6,h$\
 print #6,"From ->"a1$" "a2$" (#"un")"
 print #6,"Date ->"date$" "time$\
 if P1 print #6,"Regarding: " i$\
 copy #s,#6:print #msg(d),chr$(4);chr$(0);

 input @2 \"[A]uto reply, [C]ontinue, [R]e-read :" i$
 if i$="" or i$="C" or i$="N" goto rd.mail2
 if i$="Q" return
 if i$="R" rewind:x=0:goto rd.mail3
 if i$="P" and info(5) rewind:x=5:goto rd.mail3
 if i$="W" and info(5) goto wr.mail
 if i$="F" goto forward
 if i$<>"A" goto rd.mail4
 if d=0 print \"Sorry, anonymous sender":goto rd.mail4
 P1=1:input @3 \"Regarding: " i$:if i$="" goto rd.mail2
 gosub editor:if not edit(2) goto rd.mail4
 print \"Wait..";:h$="":s=8:gosub wr.ltr
 print ".reply sent":P1=0:goto rd.mail2

 if a=0 print \"Sorry, anonymous sender":goto bl.show2
 P1=1:input @3 \"Regarding: " i$:if i$="" return
 gosub editor:if not edit(2) goto bl.show2
 h$=" --> Reply to a Bulletin <--"
 print \"Wait..";:s=8:gosub wr.ltr
 ready bf$:print ".reply sent":P1=0:goto bl.show2

I hope this solves some of the confusion for E-Mail Replies!

Mike Vaughan
Starlifter II in Altus