Day of the week mod

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From ->Joe Prinz (#290)
Date ->05/24/87 13:38:15
The following is a mod I wrote to compute the day of the week using the TimeMaster II H.O… I cannot stress enough that this is ONLY for the TimeMaster II H.O… It has NOT been tested on ANY other card… Install this routine in your logon segment….

; find the day of the week

; read the date$ variable

d1 = val(left$(date$,2))
 d2 = val(mid$(date$,4,2))
 d3 = val(right$(date$,2))
 if d1=1 d8$="January"
 if d1=2 d8$="Febuary"
 if d1=3 d8$="March"
 if d1=4 d8$="April"
 if d1=5 d8$="May"
 if d1=6 d8$="June"
 if d1=7 d8$="July"
 if d1=8 d8$="August"
 if d1=9 d8$="September"
 if d1=10 d8$="October"
 if d1=11 d8$="November"
 if d1=12 d8$="December"

; Read TimeMaster II H.O

poke -16191,0:poke -16189,0:poke -16192,0:poke -16190,255
 poke -16191,4:poke -16189,4
 poke -16190,16
 poke -16190,54:da = peek(-16192) - 240

; release the clock
 poke -16190,47

; figure out which day it is

if da=0 wd$="Sunday"
 if da=1 wd$="Monday"
 if da=2 wd$="Tuesday"
 if da=3 wd$="Wednesday"
 if da=4 wd$="Thursday"
 if da=5 wd$="Friday"
 if da=6 wd$="Saturday"
 ; here you may set the variable hl$ to the name of a holiday
 or a special
 ; day. This section is blank for your preference
 ; ex: if (d1=12) and (d2=25) hl$="Christmas day"
 dq$="":dq$=wd$+" "+d8$+" "+str$(d2)+", "+"19"+str$(d3)

; obviously use “dq$” as your string..
; it will look SOMETHING like this: Saturday May 23, 1987

Have fun with it!

Joe Prinz